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better late than never

Last week Dave and I had our first experience with frozen yogurt.  I’ve heard a lot about frozen yogurt places from other blogs I read – Pinkberry, Fro-Yo… all these amazing places with options galore and TONS of toppings.  And then the tiny little town where I work got a fro-yo place.

The last week I was going down to work.

See, I work in my office 1-2 days a week (sometimes more) and work from home 3-4 days a week.  My office is about 2 hours from my house, so I’m really really happy I can work from home most of the time.  And with a baby coming, I’m working from home permanently until he arrives (labor + 2 hours away from home = not good).  I’m very happy about this.

Except the frozen yogurt is 2 hours away now, too.  This is very sad.

Because look at this:

Chocolate peanut butter and purely peanut butter frozen yogurt topped with reese’s pb cups, a little cookie dough, sprinkles, reese’s pieces, and 2 frosted animal crackers (which I ate before I took the picture).  Dave and I were in heaven filling our little cups.

I’m pretty sure it’s good for us that place isn’t near here.

Good for our wallets.

Good for our waistlines.

Good for our ice-cream obsessed little minds.

Have you been to a fro-yo place?  What’s your favorite combination?


9 thoughts on “better late than never

  1. There are 4 places like that here. I am avoiding them so I won’t know what I am missing! I have heard they are pricey though for what you actually get. I patronize the little local place “Ice cream Station” (old rr station in downtown) that is within walking distance! 🙂 if you’d ever visit i’d take you there!

  2. oh my goodness. i just went to one called spoonz this last week and was in heaven. cake batter yogurt with hot fudge, oreos, and reece’s cups. thank you, God, for making fro yo.

  3. The sweet flavors leave me thinking about how they’re not as good as ice cream, but I LOVE the “tart” flavor – tastes just like greek yogurt except a little richer, and piled high with strawberries and raspberries…I also once had success with a flavor of the day, cheesecake.

    And now I might have to go after teaching today. Darn you, Kim!

  4. I’m sure we must have some fro-yo places up here, but I haven’t been looking. Your cup looks like a little dish of heaven, though.

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