Winner of the reader recipe poll is vietnam friend rice!  Recipe and review Friday morning.

Last week I won a giveaway on Liz’s blog for some cookies from her favorite bakery in NYC (Levain Bakery).  On Friday the cookies arrived!

Cookies by mail?  Yes, please!  (Seriously, I need cookies delivered to my house every Friday.  That would be awesome.)

Liz picked out four kinds for us: chocolate peanut butter chip, dark chocolate chip, chocolate chip walnut, and oatmeal raisin.

Liz isn’t kidding around – these cookies are good.  They’re super thick but not too dense and not too crumbly.  They’re pretty much perfect – soft, chewy, jam packed with chips and raisins.  Our favorites are the chocolate peanut butter chip (nobody’s surprised about that, are they?) and the dark chocolate chip (it tastes like a brownie!).  But man, they are all so stinkin delicious!

Thanks so much, Liz!!

What’s your favorite kind of cookie?  Do you have a bakery nearby that you love?


5 thoughts on “coooookies

  1. a student shared some mom-baked zucchini chocolate chip bread with me today. so for once i’m not thinking about cookies.

  2. I LOVE to bake cookies and I LOVE to eat them. 🙂 I really like a good iced sugar cookie but my favorite changes every time I make cookies – a recent favorite has been lemon white chocolate cookies. I have, on occasion, baked and shipped my cookies.

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