38 weeks

Tick tock, tick tock…

(Comparison: I wore the same outfit at 35 weeks!  Sticking out a bit more now.)  Okay, little man, you can officially come any time you want now.  Your lungs are developed.  You’re probably a hefty 6-7 pounds.  You’ve got some fat on you.  And guess what?  We’d really like to meet you.  Especially your impatient mama!

New for you/us this week: I passed my GBS test, which means I won’t have to have an IV during labor, unless I change my mind and get an epidural.  I love that I’ll be able to walk around freely.  Dave does, too, especially because he hates needles.  I’m also now 1cm dilated!  It’s not much and doesn’t mean squat in terms of you coming this week or next week (or in 3 weeks), but it made me happy because it was progress from our last visit.  And you have dropped and are head down!  I didn’t gain any weight this past week, which is somewhat shocking since I’m pretty sure I had ice cream every single day, as well as copious amounts of goldfish crackers (I’m still addicted).  I’m walking pretty much every day, but I’m not doing more than 4 miles.  I realized last week that any walks longer than 4 miles were taking too much effort and leaving me really tired.  4 miles feels like a good challenge (especially in this humidity!) without making me want to collapse.  Also, turning over in bed has become way more difficult.  Dave and I find it pretty funny to watch me try to make a graceful turn!

Okay, let’s put it to a vote:

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  1. I had to vote week 39 because he has to come then so I can meet him…come on little guy! See you in 9 days sister!

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