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weekend pictures

Date night picnic down by the river.

Cleaning up the kitchen (and looking super pregnant!).

We found a sparkly belt while out on a walk.

Admiring our new living room lamp (from IKEA – thanks, Julie, for picking it up for us!!).

Practicing for baby…

What did you do this weekend?


4 thoughts on “weekend pictures

  1. Our kitty, Darcy, got her first piece of mail on Friday! It was a great feather toy from her Aunt Kim and Uncle Dave. We played with it off and on all weekend while Peter’s out of town. She loves it so much, she wrote a thank you note that I dropped in the mail for her this morning 🙂

  2. you are rockin your pregnant outfits! you are so adorable 🙂
    we did outside housework saturday and enjoyed a pool party celebrating vince’s 1st birthday yesterday!
    we also watched batman begins and are in the middle of the dark knight…

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