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the diaper plan

So in theory this post would be the reader recipe poll recipe and review… but it’s not.  I was going to make that last night for dinner, but plans changed and I didn’t get a chance.  So I’m making it tonight and the recipe and review will go up Saturday!

Instead of soup, you get poop!  Just kidding… but seriously… let’s talk diapers!

We recently received all our BumGenius 4.0 diapers (from friends and family and then our own ordering at  You have to initially wash the diapers 3-4 times to get them absorbent.  While we won’t use the diapers right away when baby arrives (we’ll use disposables the first week until we’re 1) a little in the swing of things and 2) his umbilical cord falls off), I wanted to get the diapers prepped and ready.

Pretty little diaper tree!


We have 20 diapers, which should work out great!  We were hoping to have enough to do laundry every 2-3 days and avoid having to do it every day.

We got 4 in Twilight (light blue), 4 in Ribbit (dark green), 3 in Moonbeam (dark blue), 3 in Grasshopper (light green), 5 in Clementine (orange), and 1 in Butternut (yellow).  I meant to order more in Butternut but got confused and accidentally ordered more Clementine instead, so now we have 1 yellow and a bunch of orange.  Oh well!

All the inserts:

For every diaper you order you get one infant-size insert and 1 full-size insert.  The full size inserts can be folded to accommodate any size of the diaper (the diapers fit from birth to 35lbs… so essentially birth to potty training).  We’ll be able to use the infant-sized inserts as well to “double up” absorbency when the baby is bigger and especially during the night.

We also ordered 10 burp clothes from

I was super pumped about these because they’re the old fashioned cloth diapers, so they’re big and really soft and absorbent.  Some of the burp cloths you see in stores now seem really thin and non-absorbent to me.

The last thing we ordered was the diaper sprayer!

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

It hooks up to the side of the toilet to allow you to spray off any “diaper mess” before you wash.  According to this diaper post on Young House Love, spraying off the diapers pretty much eliminates the need to soak them.  Score.

As for, we’d definitely recommend them.  They have great prices, shipping was free, they had a great sale when we bought (buy 5 diapers and get 1 free), and we got our whole order pretty fast (less than a week).  If we order more diapers or inserts or burp cloths or whatever, we’ll definitely use them again.

After diapers are sprayed, we’ll throw them in our wet bag until they get washed.

Planet Wise Hanging Diaper Wet/Dry Bag (PlanetWise, large, organic silver scroll)

Bonus of the wet bag: it can be washed as well, so everything stays nice and clean.  Easy!

We are also going to try using cloth wipes.

Thirsties Fab Wipes (Thirsties)

We went back and forth on this for awhile, but thought we’d give it a try.  You can just throw the dirty wipe in with the dirty diapers to wash, so it’s not really creating much of a difference.  This is one I can see us going back on, possibly, but I want to try it at least.  If it doesn’t work out (read: if we’re too grossed out), we’ll make our own wipes.

So that’s our diaper round-up!  20 diapers, 40 inserts in 2 sizes, 10 burp cloths (we do have a few more burp cloths other than these as well), 2 wet bags (1 for the nursery, 1 smaller one for the diaper bag), and 12 cloth wipes (my mom is also cutting up some flannel scraps for us)!  Think we’re ready?

Cloth diapering: yay or nay?  (No judgment here – it’s a choice we made but we definitely understand those who go the disposable route, too.)


13 thoughts on “the diaper plan

  1. Yay for cloth diapers, but the idea of washing a poopy wipe totally grosses me out! Great idea for pee, but ewww for poop!

    1. I think we’ll try the wipes for everything – because if you’re washing a poopy diaper you might as well wash a poopy wipe – but if we end up not liking it, we’ll probably keep them for pee and have disposable wipes for poop.

  2. I think cloth diapering is great. We heavily considered it but decided it just wasn’t for us. I have a few close friends who do it and LOVE it. Some of them have even started making their own covers.

  3. So great!! ! We use Best Bottom Diapers when we are home. (I use disposable while out and about, church, in-laws and such.) I have found that for infant/breastfed poo, using a diaper liners a lifesaver. It is just a thin piece of paper that “catches” the poo. You take it out and flush. It eliminates the majority of the spraying and rinsing. I can honestly say the liners kept me diligent about using cloth. I only used them until Bailey started on foods. At which point her poo was more solid, so rinsing wasn’t needed anyway. Just shake and go! Kudos to you both!! I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it really is! Can’t wait for updates!

  4. I agree with everything Brittany said but also wanted to tell you I loved my cloth wipes. If you find you need more I just used on old thick cotton tee of my husbands and cut it into wipe size pieces. I also kept biodegradeable wipes on hand for big messes.
    You can also make your own wipe solution:
    2c water
    2T baby wash
    1T baby oil
    1 drop tea tree oil (eliminate when rashy)

    I used burts bees for the wash and oil but most natural washes will do, just check the ingredients. And one last thing, my son has never had a diaper rash and it could be genes but I tend to think its from soft diapers (we use thirsties) and wipes.

  5. My knowledge on cloth diapers is about 2 centimeters long- I do know they are super adorable but bulky. Maybe a mom who has used them can tell you what’s up, but when I saw them on my nephew it looked like he might need to wear a size bigger pants to get over his little poofy bum. Good luck with them! I think that they could be a total money saver in the long run. Plus, did I mention they are adorable? 🙂

  6. I have toyed with the idea of cloth diapers when I start having kids. Please keep us updated on how its going. The good, bad and the ugly. 🙂

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