outrageous baby stuff

As I’ve researched and purchased baby stuff, I’ve come across some absurd – and absurdly expensive – baby items!  I thought maybe you guys would get a kick out of it, too.  Ready?

Sakura Bloom Luxe Silk - Moondance

That’s like buying your baby a mini Mercedes to ride in.  I expect that sling to be made from unicorn hair and rainbows and to make me cry because it’s so soft and silky.

It’s a cool, very modern-looking swing.  But $200?  Our crib didn’t even cost that much!

Child Saddle for Daddy - Daddle Toy Saddle

Too bad this is unavailable or we’d totally be buying this for Dave… so Mosie could have rides.

What about baby cupcake toppers?  My cousin found these and had to grab a bag, just because she thought they were so weird and creepy.  I decided to up the creepy factor and left this little surprise for Dave at the bathroom sink:

Nightmare-inducing.  And you never know where those little, shiny, plastic babies will show up next…

What’s a crazy item you’ve seen lately (baby or otherwise!)?

10 thoughts on “outrageous baby stuff

  1. I busted out laughing when I saw that plastic baby. This looks like something my husband would do to me to creep me out! 🙂

  2. That plastic baby made me laugh, and I love the freaky idea of leaving plastic babies all over as surprise treats to find.

    Toilet time targets – basically flushable targets for boys to practice their aim when potty-training.
    I saw these when I was pregnant with Amelia (didn’t know her gender) and purchased them as a gag gift for Scott, telling him he could use these when his son (if Amelia were to be a son) needed to learn. Scott didn’t think they were that funny, but we kept them anyway. Fast forward to when John was born, we still had the targets in the bathroom. John was surprisingly easy to potty-train, so we didn’t use them. We got them out when John was 3 and he asked me why we would want to throw colored paper in the potty. I now know that little boys need very little incentive to aim their “privates” anywhere, so the targets were never utilized as they were intended.

    On a more general level, there are a gazillion useless baby products out there that are complete marketing gimmicks to try and capture $$ from clueless parents.

  3. Kim, you crack me up. I’m glad you’re going to be reasonable with the little guy. Looking forward to seeing pictures of him when he comes! So happy for you and Dave!

  4. can i guess that chris and beth bought you the creepy babies?
    please put one in dave’s jar of nutella.

  5. I am hysterically laughing about the mini plastic creepy babies! Ha, I think a good place would be in the soapdish in the shower. Walking up it would totally creep you out! Over $1000 for a sling??? What the? Insane, I tell ya.

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