ring a bling

Thanks for all your wonderful comments about my new short hair!  It definitely helped me feel more confident about it.  I’m going to find a way to put you all in my pocket so you can stay with me always, mmkay?

Remember how I had to turn in my wedding ring because of a loose stone?  I don’t like being ringless, so I promptly found a cheap (less than $12) sterling silver ring on Amazon to wear in the meantime (I won’t get my ring back for 2 weeks and I really don’t like not having it).  It came yesterday!  No more weird ringless feeling!

Dave filled out the gift message section when I ordered it but wouldn’t let me see it.  Awesomeness.

Fancypants box.

Simple and shiny.

I bought the ring in a slightly larger size, so the bonus is if I start swelling a lot in these last few weeks of pregnancy, I can wear this ring should my wedding band not fit.

Mosie, for her part, seemed pretty unimpressed.

(Props to Dave for catching this sweet shot!)

What’s something that would annoy you to do without for 2 weeks?


6 thoughts on “ring a bling

  1. I’m currently waiting for a new lid to my camelbak bottle. It’s going to snap anyday and the lid is on backorder. 😦

  2. When I had to give up my wedding ring. That was hard too.

    By the way…. Not to make you anxious but a friend of mine who is one week farther along than you are is currently in labor! 🙂

  3. Just saw your hair and its so good looking! Love it!

    I hate going without a ring too! It drives me crazy because my fingers have been getting really irritated lately from my bands and I have to take them off. I feel naked without my wedding band!

  4. Going without my rings, or even my watch, drive me nuts. However, if I had to be without my iPhone for even a day, much less 2 weeks, I’d probably have a nervous breakdown 🙂

  5. Oh gosh, I totally feel so naked whenever I don’t have my engagement ring on! Apparently, I twirl it a lot as a nervous habit. I would totally get a ring to wear in its place too!

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