mosie turns 2


Two years ago we brought Mosie home – a little stray kitten who meowed a ton and followed you everywhere!  Since we’re not sure of her real birthday, we celebrate the day we got her as her birthday instead.


(Dave accidentally put in 3 candles.)

Excited tuna face (similar to ham face).

Note: we did not give her the entire can.  After she had some juice and meat, Dave took it away.  She’ll have more later, but an entire can of tuna when she barely ever gets people food would probably wreck her digestive system (and leave a big mess in the house to clean up).

She sure has grown!

Check out last year’s birthday celebration for Mosie (also see a super cute picture of tiny little baby Mose!)


7 thoughts on “mosie turns 2

  1. My Rainy turns TWO next Friday! She was also a stray and they didn’t know her birthday either. They estimated her to be about 1 at that time. So we decided her birthday would be the day we brought her home and that it was her first birthday.

    I had already planned on having a Happy Birthday Rainy post next Friday. hehehe

  2. She is so cute! I love her adorable kitten picture. We don’t celebrate Quincy’s birthday, but probably only because we don’t know when it is and always forget. We got him from our friend in May (a year ago)–I can’t believe it’s already been over a year! We are the kind of people who will give him a Christmas present though. We’ve already figured out what it will be (Yep, I’m a planner-aheader, even for pet presents). Kyle loves to give Q. gifts…I can only imagine how that will translate to children, when we have them. Oh boy! Can I say pushover?

  3. We don’t know any of the cats’ birthdays- just guestimate a time frame of when we think the birthday might have been and associate it to a holiday (so it is easier to remember). Birthday and Christmas presents for the cats have lately been a baby booty of catnip. Nothing like druging up the cats- so they have a ball- and we get to laugh at them.

    We also keep track of the age of the cats because in our twisted reality- we tell the cats they “work” till the age of 10. “Working” consists of house security or night watch of the children. At 10 they can retire and live a life of luxury. It sounds mighty crazy as I am typing it out- but somehow in my hasbuand’s and my world it provides many inside jokes.

    If I hadn’t married John, I think i might have a house full of cats and really be called the Crazy Cat Lady.

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