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full term!

37 weeks – full term!

Funny, when we took that picture I felt like my kick looked a lot less lame.

And a straight-up shot:

Since I’m now considered full term I’m naturally all the more anxious for baby to come, even though my due date is still 3 weeks away and baby could come even later than that.  I’m not a patient person, so this month will pretty much be torture knowing he could come any day.  The waiting game and I are not very good friends.  Considering I have yet to even feel a contraction, I’m not too optimistic that he’ll come soon, although you never know I guess.

Things left to do before baby comes:

  • wash the cloth diapers (the first go-round you need to wash them 3 or 4 times to get them primed and ready)
  • pack the hospital bag
  • put the carseat in the car

I honestly can’t think of anything else we really need to do!

Oh, and now that we’ve hit August, it’s time for a July walk roundup!

July walk total: 134 miles

I got my goal!  I beat June’s total!  There were only six days in July that I didn’t walk.  My longest walk was 8 miles, but most were 4 or 6 miles.  I’m really pleased with this… and hopeful that August will be a great walking month, too!

How did you do working out in July?  

Are you a patient person?

The winner of the reader recipe poll is soupe au pisto!  Recipe and review Friday morning!


10 thoughts on “full term!

  1. You look great! Early could happen – Elias was born at 38 weeks, 1 day! Can’t wait to see what that little guy looks like!

  2. Hope everything goes smoothly with labor and delivery and that baby boy decides to come sooner rather than later! Max was 9 days past due and the waiting was torture!:)

  3. 134! That is awesome!

    And I think that is my favorite update shot of you! Love it! Boo yah! (that is what I am saying as I imaginary kick over here)

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