the last baby shower

This weekend I had my last baby shower – this one was with Dave’s family and was put on by his sisters.  I was pretty excited about it because I love Dave’s family – his sisters are my friends, his aunts and cousins are hilarious and sweet and I feel as comfortable with them as I do my own family.  We started the morning off with some awesome food:

Jenny’s egg casseroles (she uses hashbrowns in them and they’re fluffy and amazing), make-your-own yogurt parfaits with peaches, blueberries, and strawberries, vanilla yogurt, and granola, and scones from a bakery in town – I had raspberry white chocolate chip and blueberry white chocolate chip.  So good.  There was also coffee and juice!

After we ate we played a few games: What Would Dave and Kim Do? – a quiz everyone had to answer about various scenarios and how Dave and I would react.  Sample questions:

  1. Baby has been crying nonstop for the last 3 hours.  Kim handles it by:

a. Taking baby on a run

b. Blending a breastmilk smoothie for baby

c. Calling her mom for advice

I said “taking baby on a run” – at 1 hour I would have called my mom.  At 3 I would just be game for trying whatever.

2. Dave and Kim have recently removed an infestation of coons from under their deck.  Dave sees a coon in the yard and just as he’s about to kill it baby boy says, “no, daddy, it’s my friend!”  Dave responds by:

a. Teaching baby how to use the scope

b. Kills the coon later and lies to baby that the coon moved away

c. Befriends the coon and makes it a family pet – anything for baby!

Yeah… that coon is toast and baby boy is going to learn quickly coons are not our friends.

And a game of baby food smoothies, in honor of my love for green smoothies.  Each concoction had 2 baby foods blended together and we had to name the correct combination.  This was hard but so fun!  I could pretty easily tell one of the flavors, but I had a hard time figuring out the second one.

When we finished up games we moved on to presents.  The shower was held at my aunt and uncle’s “chouse” – a church turned into a house.  Isn’t it incredible??

My niece, Lydia, helped me open presents and did a great job carrying things around the circle so everyone could see!

It was such a great shower (thank you thank you thank you, sisters!) – I was on a high the rest of the day (and got quite a bit done!).  Dave and I have just been so blessed by friends and family to help us get ready for baby – their advice, their gifts, their excitement for us, their prayers – we feel so loved.

So last night after the shower we looked through our registries and bought a few remaining things we need before baby: a 12 pack of BumGenius diapers (putting our diaper count at 18 or 20 – we won’t have to do laundry every day!), the diaper sprayer to hook up to the toilet, and a wet bag for dirty diapers.  There might be a few more things we’ll get post-baby but we feel ready!  Come anytime, baby boy!!

Here were the baby food combinations:

  • green beans and bananas
  • peaches and sweet potatoes
  • peas and apples
  • prunes and squash

Which of those would you drink if you had to pick one?  I’d do peaches and sweet potatoes – it really wasn’t bad.  Surprisingly, neither was green beans and bananas!


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