freakin’ weekend!

Friday I went to get my ring cleaned and found out one of the stones was loose.  So now I’m ringless and sad!  (It won’t be back in til August 12!)

Still, the rest of the weekend was great!  I love weekends.  I love lazy weekends.  I love busy weekends.  I love a combination weekend the most!  Yesterday was definitely one of those combination days!  I:

  • assembled our front porch furniture
  • had a baby shower! (more on that to come)
  • mowed the lawn
  • read my book
  • went for a walk
  • sweepered the house
  • cleaned both bathrooms
  • made soup (more on that to come, too)
  • ate ice cream with Dave
What’s your favorite kind of weekend?  All lazy?  All productive?  Some of both?

3 thoughts on “freakin’ weekend!

  1. i love how productive you are! its inspiring!
    yesterday i went shopping with lacey while joel played with mylin and vince (he’s our hero!)
    i decided i’m committed to trying leggings…so i got 2 pair and lacey helped me find shirts that went with them. she rules because she can totally say ‘no, don’t get that’ and also, ‘no rachel, don’t get that size, its too big, wear this smaller dress because you look thin in it and your butt looks good.’ um…yeah…i could marry her.
    so yes, it was a GREAT day!

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