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reader recipe poll: mozzarella pizza rolls


This week’s recipe came from Eat, Live, Run.  I followed the recipe for her pizza rolls and I used her pizza dough as well (I used all whole wheat flour instead of half white/half wheat).  We added chopped broccoli to the inside of our rolls, which was delicious!  I boiled the broccoli for about 5 minutes and drained it before putting it inside the roll.  Since the rolls had a smaller cooking time I wanted to make sure the broccoli was soft.  We dipped ours in more pizza sauce, too!

I think you’ll loooove these.  Little doughy saucy cheesy balls of goodness!

What would you stuff in your pizza rolls?


6 thoughts on “reader recipe poll: mozzarella pizza rolls

  1. Ok once again your pizza-ish recipes look AMAZING. I am making this for dinner tonight! We have been eating down the cupboard but I think we have the bare ingredients to make this.

    Thanks for the idea!

  2. does it matter what you put in a pizza roll? doesn’t it always taste like sunshine and happiness when you take the first bite?

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