I’ve loved hearing your daily websites!  A couple more for me: facebook,, and Google Reader, where I follow a BUNCH of blogs.  I also check twitter (follow me!), although to be honest, I still don’t really understand twitter or use it that much.  I think I need a twitter tutorial.

This morning I went on the absolute muggiest walk ever.  The air was thick and gross!  It reminded me of last year when I went running and ended up wringing out my shorts afterwards (that post was on July 24, 2010, so maybe it’s just end-of-July-humidity-insanity).  I walked 4 miles and was just soaked in sweat when I got home.  Later Dave and I went out for another 3 miles.  Luckily, I hadn’t showered yet but Dave had.  He got an extra sweat bath today on top of his shower!

Oh, and I thought I would give a view of the living room now that it’s rearranged for our new storage cupboard.

(Don’t mind the stuff leaning up against the back of the couch – we got our patio furniture in but haven’t assembled it yet.)

Before the loveseat was in front of the window.  Having the window accessible just makes the whole room seem bigger and more open.  Love it.

This pictures shows me that 1) we need to put some things on our walls! and 2) I need to fluff the pillows.

All in all, we’re liking the new arrangement.  Plus, it’s always fun to change up a room!

How often do you rearrange rooms in your house/apartment?


2 thoughts on “rearranging

  1. You need some color in that room, girl! Find a fabulous picture or print (art fairs are great shopping spots!). Then echo the colors with some bright throw pillows, candles, vases or other objects of interest. A colorful rug will also brighten the room and will help hide baby/toddler spills and messes.

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