3 websites

3 websites I go to daily:

  • moneysavingmom.com: this site has some great deals.  Some of them aren’t applicable at all to me, but others are awesome!  I’ve gotten tubs of organic virgin coconut oil for less than $6 (that’s a crazy good deal!), clif bars, and, as of last night at 3:45am when I was awake for no reason (not this again!), some really awesome return address labels for $3.49!
  • younghouselove.com: I love seeing how they transform their house (seemingly effortlessly!) and I try to get “design” ideas from them.  They also have a couple posts on cloth diapering that were really helpful for Dave and I to read!
  • logyourrun.com: right now it’s more like logmywalk.com, but it works!  I’ve used this website for about 2 years now – it’s a super easy way to keep track of my mileage and see how my pace is breaking down!
What are 3 websites you go to daily?

11 thoughts on “3 websites

  1. I have more than 3!
    1. younghouselove.com
    2. hookedonhouses.net
    3. centsationalgirl.com
    4. your blog
    5. facebook

  2. 1. girlevolving.com
    2. google reader
    3. my.allegheny.edu
    4. blackle.com
    5. pandora.com
    6. facebook.com

  3. i have TONS of time online b/w 8-4:30…so much that i think i exhaust the farthest corners of the internet some days. sounds impossible, i know, but true!

    these help keep me from going batty:

    1. google reader/gmail (though i have not yet succumbed to google+ (google plus?) anyone who has?
    2. ETSY!!!
    3. http://www.designspongeonline.com
    4. http://www.decor8blog.com
    5. http://www.stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog
    6. http://www.themarionhousebook.com
    and recently, 7. http://www.outwalking.net
    8. http://www.slate.com to stay slightly informed…until it was blocked as “streaming media” here at work. sigh.

    more than three? yes, sorry. lots of time on my hands…this is the SHORT list! 🙂

  4. My three:
    Drudgereport.com (yes I am THAT guy).
    espn.com (yes I am THAT guy).
    facebook.com (everyone is THAT guy).
    Google Reader (for all my RSS and Blog needs).

  5. Oh man. Ok:
    gofugyourself.com (blame yourself, Kim!)

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