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to the fair!

I forgot to announce the reader recipe poll winner yesterday!  Whoops!  It’s mozzarella pizza rolls.  Recipe and review Friday morning!

The 4H County fair is in town this week, which is a big deal in these parts (it’s one of the largest county fairs in the country).  Dave and I like the fair, but we don’t love the crowds, the traffic, or the $8 per person entry fee (especially that part).  This year the fair ran a new special: pay $10 per person between 11-2 and when you leave, get reimbursed!  It’s a “lunch pass” and we think they’re just hoping to get the vendors more business.  Either way, it works perfectly for us as it’s 1) free and 2) covers a short amount of time.  We need want to stay longer than an hour or two anyway.

Yesterday Dave and I decided to do a mid-week lunch date and we hit up the fair!  Dave has a mild obsession with the mini donuts at the fair.  He dreams about them throughout the year.

Miraculously he only ate 3 or 4 and put the rest in a ziploc in the fridge to enjoy throughout the week.  Who is this man???  (Dave once ate 30 mini donuts AND half a giant soft pretzel at the fair… he was more than a little dough-sick later on.)

There isn’t a particular fair food I really love, but I’m always down for ice cream!

Black raspberry soft serve.  It was delicious.  (By the way, do you love my atrocious tan lines?  Sexy.)

We watched one horse race at the track

and toured a couple of the animal barns.  We also saw baby piggies!

They were just 3 days old and super cute!

After that, we got our tickets reimbursed and headed home – no traffic, not too much money spent, and the perfect amount of time!  We’ll definitely do that again next year!

What’s your favorite kind of fair food?

Check out our adventures at the 4H fair last year!


6 thoughts on “to the fair!

  1. Those baby pigs are adorable. Makes me kind of want one. I love all fair food but I do love the homemade potato chips. So good. We don’t have big county fairs where I live but I’ve been to a couple in Ohio. So much fun!

  2. I love elephant ears. Yum. But I also love ice cream (your black raspberry would have been my fav, I think) and lemony, icy drinks of some sort. I’m not a huge fair person for the same reasons you mentioned — crowds, cost, etc. — but everyone once in a while you just NEED some fair food.

  3. Baby piggies!

    I used to love funnel cake. And those donuts too. Wow, Dave really has self control! Dave, tell us your secrets!

  4. Fletcher’s corn dog at the Texas state fair. Only time I will ever eat a corn dog – EVER – is when they are fresh out of the fryer and I am reveling in the atmosphere of the fair.

    The TX fair has a competition each year for the best fried food, and recent winners have been chocolatey things such as fried snickers, fried cookie dough, fried oreos. But I can’t give up the corn dog fix, and more than one fried food would do me in, I’m sure.

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