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Okay, so here’s the piece of furniture we picked up that  I alluded to yesterday:



It was at Walmart on clearance.  Since it was a floor model, Dave managed to get us another 10% off!  I tend to be shy about asking for more off, but Dave’s so great about it – and it works!

The table is supposed to be a tv stand, but we’re using it for living room storage.  We figure we’ll keep a lot of baby/kid toys in there as a way for easy access but hide-ability.  We’re super pumped about it!  Plus, it looks pretty great, we think!

We’re still working on the “look” of the table.  I’m currently lusting over this lamp at Pier 1, but there’s no way I’m paying anywhere close to $150 for it:

Frizz Glass Lamp

But gosh, it’s pretty.

Chances are the top of it will change as we go – family pictures, baby pictures, a lamp, candles, books, magazines, an awesome find at at the antique store, who knows!  Do you have any ideas for us?


9 thoughts on “living room storage

  1. The furniture looks great, and I know in a short time that space will come in handy for baby things. It definitely helps to have storage to stash things away when wanted, yet to keep them close by for frequent use in your living space when living with a little one.

    I know this likely won’t bring the price down enough, but Pier 1 frequently issues coupons for full-priced items. They ran one in our local paper recently for 20% off, which would save a signficiant amount. Maybe you could find a coupon online, or a similar lamp on ebay?

  2. TJ maxx, marshalls, and even hobby lobby have lamps very similar to that one. Let me know if you need me to bargain hunt! I like the table though!

      1. if you go to hobby lobby go on their website and print a 40% off regular priced merchandise coupon (they have them pretty often- not every week)

  3. don’t get too attached to the stuff on top…as soon as baby pulls himself up (which will TOTALLY be by this time next year!) he’ll be pulling all the stuff on it down 🙂
    p.s. we no longer have a coffeetable in our living room…
    i think this is an AWESOME addition!
    i love the way it looks and how versatile it will be for you guys and your little guy’s stuff!
    awesome find!

  4. Cute! Looks very nice. We used to have a cute coffee style table in our living room. Then Miles started walking and it got moved to the guest room for the time being. Sigh, I miss it. After enough bumps and bruises it wasn’t worth the stress anymore. Someday I’ll get it back!

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