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Last week Lizzy tagged me to do a “7 links” post.  I thought it could be fun, so here goes!

Most Popular Post: explanation necessary – where I spilled the beans on being pregnant!

Most Beautiful Post: My recipes page, because it’s all about food and has pictures of food.  Beautiful!

Most Controversial Post: probably my post about the raccoons living under our back deck.  You maybe wondered if we released the coons or if we killed them.  Ding dong, the coons are dead.  I know that might not sit well with everyone, hence my most controversial post (I could go into a paragraph explaining why we killed them over releasing them, etc., but in the end, the coons are GONE and the backyard is finally COON FREE and we are super super happy about that).

Most Helpful Blogger Suggestion: for awesome, healthy meal ideas: Peas and Thank You.  The recipes are vegan, but I tend to un-veganize them.  And they’re delicious.  Seriously, every single one of her recipes comes out awesome.

Surprise Success Post: lentil eggplant dahl, mexican haystacks, and cauliflower mac and cheese get quite a bit of hits on them.  It surprises me… and makes me happy, as all 3 of those recipes are delicious!


Post that didn’t get enough attention: my Presque Isle marathon post.  That marathon took me down, but I learned some important lessons about running during it – mainly that not every race can be sunshine and rainbows and PRs and that’s okay, just keep going.  Plus I had a total blast with my sister.

Post I’m Most Proud of: I really don’t know.  I do love the baby bear? post about when Dave ordered a mini DQ blizzard.  It made me laugh when I wrote it… as did the totally weird picture I found on Google.

I’m supposed to tag some people of my own to take on the 7 links challenge, so here goes:

Tell me 7 things about your Monday!  


5 thoughts on “7 links

  1. 1. My car was dead when I went to start it for work.
    2. I was 50 min late for work.
    3. I am home from work and waiting for the tow truck.
    4. I had some delicious cherries for lunch.
    5. I sunburned the very tops of my thighs yesterday so today they are hot and sore.
    6. It is too hot here to do anything!
    7. I am praying the rest of the week goes better and my car is fixed by thurs (reunion).

  2. I loved your explanation necessary post. hmmm 7 things about my Monday
    1. lost my ipod..ughhh
    2. bought a new ipod..yay!
    3. I hate my job
    4. Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations is an awesome show and I love watching it.
    5. I had a delicious sandwich for lunch
    6. I heart my pjs
    7. I’m excited to see my nephews this weekend.

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