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reader recipe poll: no-bake chocolate eclair cake

No-bake Chocolate Eclair Cake

  • 1 package graham crackers
  • 2 packages instant vanilla pudding
  • 8oz. cool whip
  • 3c. skim milk
  • 1c. nutella
  • 1/2c. smooth peanut butter

Whisk together the vanilla pudding and milk.  Whisk in the cool whip.  Place a layer of graham crackers along the bottom of a 13×9 dish.  Cover with a layer of pudding.  Place another layer of graham crackers on top.  Repeat layers until pudding is used up, ending on a layer of graham crackers.  Place in the fridge to chill for at least 30 minutes.

To frost: Combine nutella and peanut butter in a small bowl.  Microwave on low heat for 30 seconds to warm the mixture so it’s loose and spreadable.  Pour evenly over the chilled cake.  Use a spatula or knife to smooth the chocolate over the graham crackers.  Refrigerate for at least another 30 minutes before serving.  Serves 8.

Our cake kind of turned out to be a cake fail, in that I accidentally used non-instant pudding, but didn’t notice until I’d already combined everything.  So our cake never set up and remained loose (but still very sweet and yummy!).  I’m certain if you use instant pudding it will work!  And when it’s this hot outside, you definitely need some no-bake options!

What’s your favorite no-bake recipe?


3 thoughts on “reader recipe poll: no-bake chocolate eclair cake

  1. This is one of my favorite desserts, only we do a chocolate topping. Hubs can’t have peanut butter but the nutella sounds like it would be awesome in this!

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