baby food day!

So this past weekend while the guys were raccoon-proofing the back deck, Rachel and I were inside making baby food to freeze!  I got this awesome baby food book from Rachel (another Rachel!) and loved some of the recipes in it!

We also made did some baby food not in the book, too.

Veggies boiling away (acorn squash, sweet potatoes, and potatoes)!

Barley cereal (barley ground up in the coffee grinder).  Instead of buying rice cereal, we’ll have pre-made homemade barley cereal!

The barley cereal we froze in plastic jars.  The rest of the baby food we poured into ice cube trays.  Then on Sunday I cracked out the cubes, bagged them in ziplocs, and froze them.


All the baby food!

Potato, acorn squash, zucchini apple, sweet potato, and avocado.  And also 6 jars of barley cereal!

I also got some time with sweet little Mylin!


I hadn’t even thought about making baby food ahead of time, but I know having it in the freezer will be awesome and so easy!  I’m so glad Rachel suggested it (and came to help!!).

A couple pictures of the guys outside working on the deck:


And me and Rachel!

If you had to eat one flavor of baby food, which would you choose?


11 thoughts on “baby food day!

  1. Nice work! You’ll save yourself a fortune on baby food. I always sampled any baby food I gave Miles… the pear combos were always my favorites!

  2. Kim- I’ve made all of Ivy’s babyfood homemade, too! It is so cheap AND healthy for them! Ivy’s favorites are corn, carrots, pears, and bananas (or anything with those combos). She’s not too sure about sweet potatoes or anything with brown rice powder mixed in yet 🙂 Today I’m giving her zucchini for the first time. You’ll be so happy you made a bunch ahead of time! I can’t wait to see your little guy and hear his name!

  3. i love to share homemade applesauce with miss mylin 🙂
    glad those pictures worked out for you – what took you so long to post this?!?!
    just kidding 🙂

  4. You are a mommy rock star! I’m really hoping to make our own baby food as well. My friend with twins is getting ready to do it, and she says it doesn’t seem like a huge time commitment – just a couple hours a week.

  5. I’m so proud of you! And how fun to spend quality time with Rachel too! I want to be like you if I ever get pregnant!

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