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The winner of the reader recipe poll is chocolate eclair cake.  Recipe and review Friday morning!

Introducing our new jogging stroller!

And without the carseat:

We loooove it!  It’s a BabyTrend jogging stroller from Target and came as a package deal: stroller, carseat, and carseat base.  Awesome!  It came in a big box and Dave and I were a little intimidated about the assembly, but it turned out to be the easiest thing ever – literally snapping together pieces.  Love that.

Since we don’t have a baby yet, we tried it out with next best thing: our catbaby.

Mosie did not love it.

We can’t wait to go for walks and runs with our little guy!

Random question: what are you having for lunch today?  I’m reheating some barley/beans/broccoli/zucchini/corn stir fry from last night and wrapping it up in a tortilla.  Yum.


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  1. lemony quinoa salad with green beans and cucumbers from the farmers’ market and parsley from my garden. half an avocado.

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