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coon free!

The raccoon saga has (hopefully) ended (see here and here for more on the raccoons we’ve been fighting)!!  There is much rejoicing in our house!

This past Saturday Dave, Dave’s dad, and our friend Joel worked to coon-proof the back deck.  There were four main entrance areas to the deck to block off.  Three of them were fairly small, so the guys simply used some bricks and dirt to block off the openings.  The last entrance was a fairly large gap between the bottom of the deck wood and the concrete below (the deck is elevated).  We had some old wood that the guys used to nail up the entrance.  They also stacked some bricks behind the steps to fully close off the hole.



We are so happy that the deck is now raccoon-free and raccoon-proof (and it looks good – we thought we’d have to use some chicken-wire stuff or something)!  And so grateful for the help of friends and family!

What house or apartment projects have you been working on?

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2 thoughts on “coon free!

  1. Yay! No more coons.
    I have been working on painting my condo for 2 years now. 1 more room to go, it’s a slow moving project. Also nothing is hanging on the walls so it is very under decorated

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