35 weeks!

Hey wait a minute…

Just a little bit of a difference.

I’m now 8 months pregnant!  One more month to go (either a short month or a long month, but one month!).

Baby’s size: He’s a little over 5 pounds now and probably close to the length he’ll be at birth!

Weight gained: 17 pounds

Swelling: When I get finished walking my hands are huge and really stiff.  But after about half an hour it goes away.  Other than that, I haven’t noticed any swelling.

Food: I’m currently looooving cheddar goldfish crackers.  I bought a giant box at Sam’s Club last week.  I can’t get over their salty crunchy goodness.  I still wouldn’t call it a craving (it doesn’t seem that strong) but it sure is love.

Energy: In general, I still feel really good and energetic.  There are a few days where I feel more easily wiped out (kind of similar to the first trimester), but most of the time I feel good.  I haven’t taken any naps yet!

Doctor stuff: At the next visit I have a GBS test to check for bacteria (if I test positive I’ll have to receive antibiotics during labor/delivery).  And I also get checked for any dilation/effacement next visit (I hear this is not super comfortable).

Body temperature: I told Dave that recently it feels like I’m either comfortable or I’m outrageously hot, but the middle-ground in between is pretty small.  So basically I’m either sitting pretty or sweating like a pig.  Excellent!  (Thank goodness we have AC as it’s in the 90s here all week!)

Prep work: I think we’re pretty close to ready!  We have one more baby shower at the end of this month with Dave’s family and after that we’ll have to decide what we still need to purchase.  But if baby came today, we would be ready for him!

That about sums it up I think!  One month one month one month!


9 thoughts on “35 weeks!

  1. 35 weeks, wow. Exciting! While I’ve never had a pregnancy make it that far, I’ve heard that the checking on your dialation is hit and miss based on the doctor, some friends had zero discomfort.. Either way – It’s great to read that you’re feeling so well this far along, not much more to go! Enjoy it, things will be chaotic (but wonderful!) soon ;)!

  2. dave can’t even push out his stomach if he tried! you look super cute by the way. where’e mosie’s prego picture? can’t wait to see you and dave (and baby boy) in 1 month!!!!

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