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make your own deodorant

Last week I embarked on a new adventure: making deodorant.  Dave needed new deodorant and had found this article on making your own.  I definitely had all the ingredients, so I whipped up a batch!

I halved the recipe since Dave only had a small empty deodorant container.

So far he’s liking it and thinks it is working well.  Unfortunately, Dave hasn’t been able to run lately because of a tweaked knee, so we can’t give it the real “back from a run and I still don’t smell” test.  I think I’ll try it, too, when my deodorant runs out.  I could even add a drop or two of an essential oil (like lavender or mint) to mine if I wanted to “pretty up” the smell.

We keep his deodorant in the fridge right now.  Coconut oil has such a low melting point that it stayed pretty liquid-y in the medicine cabinet (we try not to use our AC if possible and when we do we keep it set around 79 unless people are over).  In the winter it will probably fare fine, but for the summer it’s a fridge thing.  We thought that might be weird or inconvenient, but turns out if you’re in the fridge for breakfast, you might as well grab your deodorant and slap it on, too.

Have you ever made your own deodorant?


6 thoughts on “make your own deodorant

  1. Ha! Just made my first batch a couple weeks ago…since pregnancy and nursing – nothing has worked…until the home made stuff. With the arkansas heat mine was really runny
    So I added more baking soda nd it works great (even after a 10 mile bike ride this morning)..I also used arrowroot powder in place of the cornstarch.

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