sunday dinner

Dave and I had a deeeelicious and summery Sunday lunch with family.  Corn on the cob, burgers, raspberry feta salad, garden green beans, watermelon, and chocolate chip cookies.  It was my first time cutting watermelon, too!  I tackled a smaller, seedless guy rather than one of the giant seeded watermelons.  Plus, we were eating inside, so seedless works a little better.  Happily, I found cutting watermelon to be as easy as cutting cantaloupe.  Good thing, because I bought two and there’s another one on the counter ready for me to tackle!

Sunday dinner, then, was kept light and easy: Annie’s mac and cheese and a veggie bowl to share (garden green beans – not our garden, snap and sugar peas – farmer’s market, and cherry tomatoes – Sam’s Club):

Growing up the traditional Sunday lunch or dinner was peanut butter and jelly and popcorn.  Often Dave and I’s Sunday dinner will be popcorn and fruit and ice cream while we chill watching a movie or reading.  Mac and cheese and veggies is definitely worth working into the rotation as well!

Do you (or did you) have a traditional Sunday lunch or dinner?

(I was going to post a 34 weeks picture but then the power went out and I couldn’t blow dry my hair and now I’m at the library working on their internet… so that will be coming.  Tomorrow.)


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  1. We always ate/eat popcorn, apples, and M&M’s for supper on Sunday. If we’re really starving, we might have a light soup or sandwich. It’s a tradition that Brian and I have continued, as we watch our favorite Sunday tv show and relax before the beginning of the week.

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