breakfast date

This morning Dave and I had a breakfast date!  We hit up a small diner just outside of town.  Lately I’ve been thinking about french toast a lot, so I got that.  It was delicious!  Unfortunately, french toast is one of those things that leaves me feeling really unproductive, non-mobile, and kind of sleepy.

Skip to 1:20 – it perfectly describes french toast/waffles/pancakes for me, as much as I love them.  (Actually all of it is perfect because Jim Gaffigan is amazing.)

To walk off the carbo sleepies, I’m hitting up a walk at lunchtime (and going to get some sun time, too!).  Planning on six miles – and probably lots of sweat, too!

I’m so excited it’s Friday.  Despite being a “short” week, it sure has felt long!

What’s your favorite breakfast?  Mosie found a small beetle in the house this morning and ate it.  She prefers protein-packed breakfasts, apparently.


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  1. my mom’s overnight coffeecake – on Christmas morning it is more important to us kids than the stockings…since there are 16 kids now…she has to make at least 2 (and probably should make like 5…)

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