baby watch

I don’t think I’m quite to “baby watch” yet (still too many weeks to go), but some other ladies are!

Check out their blogs!  They are some pretty awesome women.

And make sure to go take a peek at Jess’s brand new little girl, Ella.  She is gorgeous!

I skipped my walk this morning in favor of sleeping in.  Truth be told, I’m still sore from all that yardwork on Monday.  I’m going to do some stretching this morning (my calves and quads and hips are especially tight) and then maybe go for a walk at lunch if my legs are feeling a little looser.

How did you start your morning?  I ate an orange when I first got up, but I think it’s time for some more breakfast!


9 thoughts on “baby watch

  1. Thanks Kim!! My husband and I started a baby-specific blog at heyemitt.tumblr.com for more baby-happening related things–I’ve been posting a little on Tuesdays with Angela but right now my brain is more “where’s the baby??”-focused and less food-focused, so the majority of my posts have ended up on the baby blog! Check it out if you have a chance. 🙂 Have a great day! I am now 40 weeks and 2 days, headed back to work yet again, hoping this baby will make an appearance soon!

  2. So exciting for all those ladies and you 🙂 I can’t wait to see the pics when the babies make their appearances. I started off my morning with pineapple and a coffee. Wish it wasn’t so hot and muggy out though.

  3. So many soon to be mamas, I love it! I had cookies and watermelon for breakfast. I thought the good (watermelon) would out weigh the bad (cookies)

  4. ah, loves it! But I’m biased, as I’m the soon to be aunt of Mr. Hey Emitt!

    I started my day off with stability ball challenge from good ol’ Tom Holland followed by a run, followed by a smoothie- all before 6:15am. What was I thinking? 🙂

  5. You never know. Miles came 3 weeks early outta nowhere. On a Wed I was checked and at a 0, and went into labor that Saturday!

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