ultrasonic FAIL

Guess who still hasn’t left?

Stupid freakin raccoons.

We took this at about 7pm on Sunday night.  Mama and one of her babies were just happily hanging out on the back patio.  No, we’re pretty sure they’re not rabid.  They’re just really comfortable at our their home.

So apparently that ultrasonic box that’s been whining for 2 weeks hasn’t worked.  Fantastic.  It also means 5 raccoons are still living under our deck.  Awesome.

Dave set the trap on Monday night.  Tuesday morning he noticed he had caught a coon and came back inside to put on his shoes.  In the 10 minutes he was back inside, mama coon dragged the cage about 4 feet, turned it on its side, and managed to escape from it.  Are. you. kidding. me?!

Not happy.  I’m not going to lie.  We kind of wish shooting a gun within city limits was legal.


3 thoughts on “ultrasonic FAIL

  1. Paintball gun? We used those at my sister’s house in PA to shoot the deer. I wish we could shoot the chipmunks in our yard, they are everywhere!

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