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yard day

Dave and I celebrated our July 4 by doing lots of yardwork.  Between that and going to bed last night (with earplugs) and skipping the fireworks, we’re a regular bunch of crazy party animals.

We started at 8am before it got too hot and took a break at 11:45 for lunch.  Then we worked again from 1 to about 3:30.  We weeded (x1000), mowed, trimmed, and weed-whacked.  It felt good to get it done, but sadly it’s not over!  The bushes along the side of our house still need a lot more attention, so we’ll probably be back out there again next weekend.  Still, the driveway doesn’t have 5 inch weeds growing up in the cracks, the grass is mowed, the vines are corralled (somewhat), and the back and front got some important weeding done as well.  Dave got started on the bushes along the side, but progress was pretty slow (there’s a lot to pull out of there).

I took a few small breaks while we worked and by 3:30 was done in.  I happily showered and collapsed on the couch to read and watch Baby Mama.  We thought about going out to dinner but threw together a quick stir fry – asparagus, broccoli, and zucchini with soba noodles.  And after dinner, chocolate chip cookies and milk were necessary.

(I love that Dave looks like a little kid in this picture.)

Yesterday was also 33 weeks!

Did you see fireworks this weekend?  How did you celebrate July 4?

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8 thoughts on “yard day

  1. I love Mosie in your 33rd week photo, so cute! The hubby and I got to see fireworks on Sat and Sun night. So fun

  2. I bet it felt SO GOOD to get all of that done, even if you aren’t all the way done. Yard work. No me gusta!

    I skipped on the fireworks. I don’t really care for them! 😛

  3. Erick, I might object to that snide remark, but seeing as how I have been carded for R rated movies well into my late 20’s, I must concede.

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