June books

The winner of the reader recipe poll is thai rice curry.  Recipe and review Friday morning!

June’s books were pretty unremarkable.  Not my best month of reading in terms of books that really grabbed my attention.  You’ll have that sometimes, I guess!  Anyway, here they are!

  • Half-Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls

A. I want to read more of Jeannette Walls!  This is the story of her grandmother, but it’s told like a novel.  Fascinating and well written.

  • The Horse and His Boy by CS Lewis (audiobook)

B.  Not my favorite book of Narnia series, but pretty good.

The rest of these books all got a C grade from me.  They were good but not great.  Nothing remarkable or particularly memorable about them for me (although The White Bone is written from the perspective of an elephant, which is unique).

  • The White Bone by Barbara Gowdy
  • Shelter Me by Juliette Fay
  • Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt
  • Invisible River by Helena McEwen
  • Bound by Antonya Nelson
What books have you been reading?

5 thoughts on “June books

  1. I’ve been working on re-reading “The Wheel of Time” series by Robert Jordan since last November. The last book comes out early next year and I wanted a fresh take on the whole series. I am now on book 11 with just two more to go and then the final book. If you love epic and I mean EPIC fantasy this series is fabulous.

  2. I started and finished “Untold Story” by Monica Ali over the weekend. Have you read it? I’d give it a B+—some of the supporting characters felt a little one-dimensional but the main story line (they never name her by name, but it is kind of a “what if” Princess Diana didn’t die, and instead faked her own death and started life over in the US) was intriguing and a fast read.

  3. I read Jeanette Wells’ other book and loved it. I think I might need to buy the other one tonight on my Kindle. I have been busy reading chick lit this summer and loving it 🙂

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