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june walk totals

Happy July!  I can’t believe it’s July already (I probably say this every month).  It also means that we’ll have a baby in our arms next month.  Wow!

After a really low mileage month in May, June ended up being a surprisingly good month for me!  I didn’t run, but I walked – most weeks hitting 6 out of the 7 days!  My hip feels really good.  Some days it gets a little sore (particularly after a long walk and then housework or yardwork) but most days it feels just fine.  I’m so happy to be walking… and am finding I really enjoy it!

June walk total: 130 miles

Naturally, my initial goal for July was to beat my June mileage.  Then I remembered I’m pregnant and getting more pregnant every week.  So my goal is to keep consistently walking, however that might look.  Maybe I’ll keep doing 5-7 miles, or maybe I’ll scale back to 3-4.  We’ll see how I”m feeling!

What are your goals for July?


6 thoughts on “june walk totals

  1. You are a complete rock star. Seriously…130 miles while VERY pregnant. I commend you for staying so healthy and fit during your pregnancy! I am not pregnant and can’t even get to 100 miles of running each month. I am so seriously amazed by your energy and attitude!

    Goals for July – maybe (?) start marathon training, am thinking about a late November race…work at inner peace within my soul and mind on many dimensions, particularly work-related…print photos for the family photo albums that are still stuck in 2009, enjoy at least one fun day at the pool each week with my kids…

  2. That’s an awesome amount of walking in the month of June! You go! I started getting into swimming in June and want to start swimming three days a week as my July goal.

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