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Mosie’s friend

This is the second time this kitty has shown up on our front porch.  The first time Mosie was so excited she fell off the windowsill!


7 thoughts on “Mosie’s friend

  1. That’s so cute! My parents cats fight each other through the doors but when in the same room then run and hide. Total chickens.

  2. This is hysterical to me because Quincy has the same thing! There are 3 female kitties that come around, in fact, he’s talking to one of them right now in the other room. The girls take a seat on the outside windowsill and he paces on our old wooden covered stereo in front of the windows. They will sometimes chat back and forth for 30 minutes. It’s awesome. And we make fun of him and his “girlfriends” constantly. It’s fun to watch, though, and kind of makes me feel bad that he doesn’t have any real playmates. It’s like our cats are “bubble-boys”.

  3. what else are you 2 whispering about?!

    cut to you a few weeks from now and the post labeled ‘you guys remember we even have a cat?! we’re now obsessed with videotaping baby boy’s fart-induced smiles and sleep sighs’

  4. Ha ha ha! I love it! Especially how Mosie comes off the window then does kind of a crouch pounce walk before she goes back to the door to paw at it. TOO CUTE!!!

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