freezer meals!

Another set of freezer meals complete!

My awesome sister-in-law, Jenny, came over this morning to help me make some meals.  Bonus: she even grocery shopped for me!  I’m spoiled.  In two hours we knocked out five different things!

  • broccoli, pizza sauce, and cheese spanakopitas

  • blueberry baked oatmeal

So grateful to Jenny for her help!  It’s awesome knowing the baby room is done and we have meals in the freezer.  We’re all set… well, except for that baby part…

I still have one freezer casserole dish, so one more meal to make (at least).  Help me out!


8 thoughts on “freezer meals!

  1. I love how planned out you are. I always try to plan but things are always all over the place. I really need to start on these freezer meals.

  2. You go lady! You are, like, 10 steps ahead of me. I’m hoping to do enchiladas, lasagna and barbecue this week to freeze. Maybe you should do some muffins – something quick to pop in your mouth between naps.

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