help me help me!

Thank you for all the enchilada sauce recipes!  Now I’ll have to make them again (oh darn…).

Here’s another thing you guys can help me with (since this blog is now apparently all about me getting things from you.  I’m a taker.): freezer meal recipes!  Tomorrow my beautiful-awesome-wonderful sister-in-law is coming over to help me make some meals for the freezer.  On the gameplan:

I’ve also been trying to make soup once a week and making a really big batch so I can freeze half.  So far I have black bean soup and white bean broccoli soup in the freezer.  Hoping to also get African barley and potato soup in there and some lentil, too.  Soups are easy to freeze.  But vegetarian casseroles?  I’m a little bit blank about them.  Help me out!  (Please also tell me now if you think any of the above won’t freeze well… clearly, I have no idea what I’m doing.)

What are some vegetarian (or easily made meatless) casseroles that are great for the freezer?  Maybe this is a time to make another batch of enchiladas – to freeze!


8 thoughts on “help me help me!

    1. Know you made an easy version of these before. You could stuff them with different veggie combos, just cheese, pizza filling, whatever.

  1. Black bean/corn/black bean taco filling (great for quesadillas, salad topping with cilantro lime vinaigrette, burritos or enchiladas

  2. Sauces that you could serve over pasta or rice (e.g., vegetarian spaghetti sauce, pesto, etc.). You will definitely have time, and will probably want to do *some* cooking post-baby (e.g., boil pasta), but since it will be harder to plan and cook a sauce to go with it, having some on hand might come in handy.

  3. Pretty much anything Mexican freezes well – enchiladas work well, or a Mexican lasagna would be freezer friendly.

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