day off

I’m using up the rest of my vacation days this week (our vacation days all expire June 30) and have big plans for getting things done!  Yesterday I:

  • slept in til 7:30am
  • walked 6 miles
  • did 4 loads of laundry: 2 loads were sheets and our clothes and 2 loads were baby clothes and blankets!  I also learned that baby clothes fresh from the dryer = blazing hot snaps on all those onesies.  Ouch.
  • sorted through some more baby stuff
  • assembled the footstool to our rocking chair  (We picked it up at IKEA this past weekend.)
  • put together the stroller (This was actually really easy once Dave and I got started.  Pictures to come.)
  • picked up some of the mess around the house
  • went up and down the stairs a gajillion times
  • put clean sheets on the bed
Still on the agenda for this week:
  • trimming the bushes
  • sweepering out the car (it’s FILTHY)
  • grocery shopping
  • cleaning the house (sweepering, dusting, bathrooms)
  • reading
I bought Charlie’s Soap Powder for our laundry detergent for all things baby.  It’s all natural, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic.  Once I finish up the current box of laundry detergent, I’ll switch Dave and I’s clothes to this detergent as well.

What kind of laundry detergent do you use?  Liquid or powder?

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2 thoughts on “day off

  1. I use liquid as long as it is ‘free’ — no dye, fragrance, etc. I switched us all to this once we had the little guy and I’m a big fan. Though sometimes at my MILs I get a whiff of a fresh load of laundry done with the original tide and it smells SO good.

  2. We use the 7th Generation Liquid detergent. I used to use Tide but switched to 7th gen. Now when I use Tide (rarely), I get a big rash on my stomach. Bad Tide!!! Hope you are having a good couple days off!

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