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Saturday night Dave and I stayed in Chicago with my cousins.  As always, we had tons of fun with them.  First we had dinner together, then got ice cream – Andrew’s baseball team had just won the championship, so he got ice cream.  Dave and I reluctantly got ice cream, too.  The things we do for family.  Actually, Dave and I did our customary “order a size larger and split it” thing.  We also always request a second cup and spoon because when it comes to ice cream and sharing, I have issues.  If we have separate cups, Dave doesn’t have to deal with me stabbing him in the eye with my spoon because I wanted the last bite.

Anyhow.  We had our two dishes of ice cream and right toward the end Dave’s glass dish slipped off the table and shattered.  Within 10 seconds (I’m not even kidding) the two girls behind the counter had a broom and a mop and had it all cleaned up.  It was crazy quick and impressive.  Dave, however, couldn’t get over the fact that he lost the last 2 bites of his chocolate peanut butter ice cream.  His solution?

He went back for more ice cream and ordered a cookie dough cone.  Love it.

After ice cream Dave wrestled Andrew for the championship trophy.  We’re really fun company to have over – we cause public messes and fight with children in parking lots.

Once we got back to the house we had fun just hanging out – Dave and the kids played Wii Mario Cart while Beth and I got tatted:

Don’t mess.

What was a fun part of your weekend?


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  1. Sounds like you had fun with those crazy schlegels! I had an awesome wekend hanging out with momlady!

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