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So I mentioned this once before, but haven’t ever given the full story.  Dave and I have had quite the raccoon problem going on in our backyard over the last year.


When we first moved into the house last June, we found there was a small family of coons living under our back deck – 2 kids and a mom.  We tried putting out ammonia to discourage them from living there, but it wasn’t effective and they stayed in the yard – advancing on us whenever we encountered them out there.  Scary.  So we started setting out traps.  We managed to trap and get rid of the 2 kid coons, but mama coon was evasive and smart.  However, we later saw a dead coon on the road not far from our house and we didn’t see her out and about our yard in early morning/late evening anymore, so we though mama coon had been done in.

Earlier this month mama coon (we think it was the same one) came back with 2 more kid coons.  Yay…  We trapped the 2 kid coons (and a possum in the process) and got them out of the yard.  We actually called in an exterminator for mama coon.  Four marshmallows and some coon scent later, mama coon was caught.  We thought our coon problem was pretty much over and planned on closing up all under-deck entrances as soon as possible.  But before we could even do it, Dave saw another coon out on the deck one morning!  We set a trap with marshmallows (we learned from the exterminator that coons love marshmallows) and within a few hours had caught another coon.  Except this time we realized we were dealing with even more than we thought as one mama coon and four kid coons all danced around the trapped coon trying to figure out how to free it.  Apparently in just over a week six new raccoons had moved into our backyard.  Are you kidding me?!?!  I think it must be Raccoon Disneyland under our deck because seriously, how does word get out that fast that there’s raccoon real estate open?  To top it off, we live in the middle of town, with a fenced in backyard, so it’s not exactly your typical raccoon frequenting area.  Or maybe it is.

We could call the exterminator again, but at $50 a caught coon, that’s a definite $300 out of pocket for us.  No thanks.  We could continue to set the trap ourselves, but it’s time consuming and not exactly pleasant to trap and dispose of coons.  Enter our go-to,

Bird-X YG Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

The Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal Repeller!  At $40 it’s a much better deal than $300, and will hopefully evict the coons (and any future coon families) without our direct intervention.  We have this set up under the deck currently and will set a trap in a day or two to see if we catch a coon.  If not, then fingers crossed the coons are finally gone.  Then we can go about the business of closing off the deck entrances – we want to make sure the animals are out before we do that so we don’t have trapped animals that would get destructive and/or die and really smell.

I’ll let you know how it works out!

Have you had unwanted critters in your house/yard?  What do you do to get rid of them?


6 thoughts on “eviction notice

  1. Coons are not an easy thing to get rid of! We had a family up in the roof of the church a few weeks back. Cute suckers – but ridiculously smart! We got the baby out – but Mama was the hard one to get rid of. If you can find multiple entrances….close off all but one. Then set your trap near their only exit. We discovered marshmallows are good too…even though we didn’t trap one. Just make sure you set them free FAR from your home. Once they find a home….they stick to it!

    Good luck Kim!

  2. We have chipmunk infestation yard. My husband has trapped 20 in just two weeks and we relocate them to a nature preserve about 2 miles away. They are under our airconditioning unit and the shed. I think they are building a condo complex under the shed because they bring up all the rocks from underneath it. So annoying and now my husband is obsessed with trapping them. HAHAHA. I have never had a coon problem but my grandmother did. Hers got so bad that one ended up inside that house! YIKES! Hope you are able to get rid of your coons with the repellent. Can’t wait to hear how it works becuase we also have a family of 6 deer who live in our yard and a gazillion squirrels.

  3. I have absolutely no experience with this whatsoever (sorry for the lack of amusing stories to contribute). Your posts are taking on an annoying animal theme this week. First deer flies, then pesky raccoons. What’s next?!?

  4. Come on kim, I know you’d love a goose to show up on your front door! 😉 need dad to find that footage!

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