31 weeks

I can’t see my toes!  Although if I lean forward just a little, they’re easily in view again.  My stomach is also getting harder.  I feel like any of baby boy’s movements make my stomach visibly move.  Dave and I are both getting more and more excited to meet our little man, to see what he looks like, and to get to know him in person rather than in just bumps and wiggles.

I haven’t had any particular food aversions or desires lately.  Some days I’m really hungry and other days not so much.  My energy is pretty good – some days I’ll feel a little more tired, but most days I’m good to go.  Still able to walk everyday without a problem (except the stupid deer flies…).  I’ve stopped eating chocolate after 3pm and haven’t had any trouble sleeping.

Things we’re doing to get ready: baby clothes are sorted but still need to be washed.  Dave has been working hard on assembling the dresser (it’s almost put together!) and then the nursery will be ready!  I have Natural Childbirth, The Bradley Way requested on interlibrary loan and I’m on the waiting list for Babywise.  We have registered for BumGenius 4.0 snap diapers.  We started to debate this decision (thought about switching to Flip diapers) but with some helpful input from a friend, have decided to stay with BumGenius 4.0.  We think they’ll work great!

9 weeks to go…!!!


6 thoughts on “31 weeks

  1. You are looking awesome! Time sure is flying right by. One of my girlfriends use BumGenious and loves them! Have you heard about the site EcoDeals? They have sales on the all the time.

  2. You do look great! I am so glad to hear you are cloth diapering! My sister-in-law has 2 and has cloth diapered both of them. Yeah! She knits so she made her own wool soakers, but for the 2nd one they have used covers more. 🙂

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