i’m a dork

I forgot to post early this morning!  Got a 5 mile walk in although I think I’m ditching the route I took – it was boring!  Steel cut oats are boiling on the stove.  And I’m getting ready for an online conference call.

Either that or I’m pretending to be an air traffic controller.  Or telemarketer.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?  Steel cut oats with a little milk and topped with strawberries!


12 thoughts on “i’m a dork

  1. quinoa salad with black beans, edamame, tofu, carrots, tomatoes, garden herbs and a limey dressing!

  2. I would love to work from home, I swear I am mor eproductive in my pj’s. I had Click (protein coffee drink stuff) for breakfast and now coffee, and soon crackers with PB. Breakfast is a 3 -course meal for me sometimes.

  3. Had a lovely morning Chick-fil-A breakfast date with my hubby this morning. Chicken and egg burrito, hashbrowns, and a frosty coke. Not healthy by any means- but very filling requiring little or no lunch.

  4. I bought you that headset with work money. Would you prefer to go back to days when you had to buy your own stuff… miss has a second monitor at her work and home desk… I can arrange all of this… I swear… you give a mouse a cookie…

    1. Also… learn to turn down your mic sensitivity… no one wants to hear 1. you type 2. your husband walk around 3. other random noises…. geesh.

      1. 1. I don’t know how to turn it down. You’re my sensei. Teach me. 2. I still don’t have a second monitor. I used yours in the office yesterday. I’ll use Dave’s next week when he’s on vacation. 3. I said I was a dork. I didn’t say I hated the headset.

  5. Breakfast was Chinese noodles with sauteed vegetables, fruit, a custard dumpling and some kind of churro/biscuit thing with jam. Full Eastern/Western breakfast buffet available at the hotel and for some reason I keep choosing mostly hot items for breakfast. Not brave enough to have the squid or black rice congee though.

    So glad I can check in with normalcy through your blog! All addresses with the word “blogspot” in them are inaccessible and I cannot log into FB either. Am getting my Western lifestyle fix through cnn.com and your blog. 🙂

  6. That pic is TOO awesome! Ha ha ha. You’re such a dork (in a way that I love, of course).

    Oatmeal for me too! Just regular though! I have never tried steelcut!

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