all in a weekend

Saturday and Sunday passed much too quickly, don’t you think?  I’ll take more weekend please!

Saturday Dave and I hit up the farmer’s market in town – we bought a half share this year but haven’t yet been able to go.  Basically we get 9 visits where we can fill up our basket with whatever we want from the market.  Totally awesome!

(Dude, could my ponytail be any smaller?  Where’s that pregnancy thick hair??)

Here’s everything we came away with in our basket:

  • the cutest little baby carrots
  • 2 zucchinis
  • 1 pint of strawberries
  • 1 pint of sugar peas
  • 1 quart of red potatoes
  • 1 bag of greens mix (kale, arugula, tatsoi, msutard)
  • 1 bunch of kale
  • 1.5lbs. rhubarb

We also grabbed a giant jar of local honey, although that wasn’t part of the basket, so we paid separately for that.  We’re definitely looking forward to more Saturday mornings at the market – we have 8 more uses before the end of the year!  We’re thinking we’ll use most of them during the summer and fall, as winter produce doesn’t thrill us quite as much (squash isn’t our favorite).

Saturday afternoon I spent some time reading and hanging out, then decided to mow the lawn.  I hadn’t walked that morning so doing some sort of exercises sounded like a good idea.  Our lawn isn’t that big, so the whole thing only takes about an hour.  Luckily I saved the backyard for last, because I was thisclose to being done with the lawn when disaster struck.  I was at the very back of our yard mowing around the swingset (awesomely left behind by the former owners) when a wasp came from behind the baby swing and stung my shoulder!  I stopped the mower with a terrified scream (my family can verify that I’m unnaturally freaked about stinging insects), backhanded the wasp from getting in another shot, and sprinted into the house.  Turns out there’s a wasp nest on that baby swing!  Dave and I are so glad we haven’t had any kids over (like nieces!) to swing before we discovered that.  I’ll take the sting for that realization!  Needless to say, the lawn didn’t get finished, as I was too freaked to go back out.  Luckily, I only had one more swipe left by the fence, so I felt okay just leaving it.  (Dave rescued the mower for me.)

I still had energy (or wasp-induced adrenaline) so I swept out the garage and sweepered the downstairs of the house.  I love walking into a just-swept garage – it always looks so good!

Sunday was church and then lunch out with Dave’s family.  Lydia helped me take all the credit cards out of my wallet and put them back in again.

Sunday afternoon I decided to tackle more lawn projects (I was feeling unnaturally motivated toward lawn stuff this weekend and Dave had too much going on this weekend to be able to help).  Somehow Dave thought it would be a good idea to let me play with power tools.

Getting the bushes under control!

I did an okay job – I’ll be the first to admit it’s not perfect or straight, but it’s better than it was.  And man, talk about an arm workout!  My arms were so sore after doing this, especially lifting the trimmer up to get the tops of the bushes!  Who needs weighted walks?  I’ll just heft the trimmer for 30 minutes a day!

After the bushes I swept up, then watched a movie (Raising Helen), did some reading, and headed to bed!  I was up early this morning – 4am – for a weighted walk before work, so I knew I needed to get to bed on time!  The walk was really nice – it was cool and clear out and really pretty.  But the drive to work was tiiiiiired.  I actually stopped and got half caf coffee from McDonalds.  Turns out I had to wait an hour to drink it because it was so stinkin hot!  Ridiculous!

What’s your favorite lawn job?  I actually don’t mind mowing the lawn – especially when the grass is really long and you can really tell your progress.  It’s so satisfying.  Least favorite?  Raking leaves!  Growing up we had a big yard with lots of trees so it always took for-ev-er and had to be done 3 gajillion times.


13 thoughts on “all in a weekend

  1. Kim- I don’t have a lawn comment- because I hate lawn work (mainly from chores growing up and it is so gosh dang hot here in FL most of the year that if I am going to be outside- I prefer it in a pool rather than my lawn).

    My question is- even though you have only gone to fill your basket once- do you think you will get a good value out of what you and Dave paid up front for the farmers market (let’s say if you got the same stuff for the next 8 times)?

    A colleague of mine is involved in some vegetable/produce co-op- but they don’t get to pick what they get. I like your process better and might look inot seeing if there is something similar here.

    Just curious. Thanks Laura

    1. Yes, we think we will. It’s probably slightly more expensive than the grocery store but we felt good about it because most are organic farms and it’s supporting local farmers. But I think since we can pick and it’s more than just a few weeks this summer we should be able to get good deals? Going this first time helped us to get a better idea and to strategize for next time, too. 🙂

  2. I also enjoy mowing our lawn. It takes about 80 minutes total and is the perfect calorie burner on a day where I’m not working out. Also, since I work from home I like doing it on my lunch break so that hubs doesn’t have to waste his evening doing it and can hang with us instead. Perfecto!

    I hate weeding my flowers. HATE IT. Stinkin’ weeds.

  3. I wish we had a market like that! I would love to go and fill up a veggie basket every weekend…you got some delicious stuff. My husband doesn’t let me do lawn stuff 😦 He has this huge rideon mower that I am totally scared of. I’m a huge klutz so I think he probably thinks I’ll chop off an arm or something with power tool. I am good at weeding, planting and watering so those are my jobs in the yard.

  4. Just discovered your blog through J’s everyday fashion! WOW…you are quite the chef and those peanut butter bars look delicious! I am going to try out your recipe! And…I’ll be following your blog too!

  5. Is dave crazy putting a hedge trimmer in your hands?! Does he want his unborn child to lose limbs already!? I’m just teasing. Glad you didn’t have any adverse reactions to the bee sting or get stung more than once! I do not like to rake either (thanks to our huron yard)! Totally jealous of your farmer’s market basket share-wish mine had that!

  6. i love to mow and dig holes in the yard to plant or hedge…but i do not like to weed – so tedious 😦 on a different note – no ones teased you for saying ‘sweepered’ lately – and you have blogged about it ALOT lately…kind of like you’re asking for it?! i guess that’s something you picked up from kentucky…

  7. Ouch! I am happy you aren’t allergic to wasps! I have never been stung and it freaks me out too.

    You are making me feel very guilty with all of your yardwork. I don’t want to do it and look at you out there kicking butt while you’re pregnant! I am appropriately ashamed of myself 🙂

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