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Dave and I had a breakfast meeting this morning at 6am, so I got up at 4am to get my walk on.  I got about 1.3 miles from the house when I started seeing lightning off to the northwest.  I decided to turn home in case it got bad (I knew thunderstorms were in the forecast).  But when I got close to home it still wasn’t raining.  Lightning was still happening off to the northwest, but it didn’t seem close.  So instead I finished my walk by sticking to the blocks around our house, staying close enough that if it started pouring rain or storming I could get back home pretty quick.  I love big thunderstorms, but I don’t fancy getting struck by lightning.  Note: it never did rain while I was out, although Dave went out for a run minutes after I came back and he got poured on for a minute or two.

Here’s the exciting part: I ran for 4 minutes!  Actually, I ran for 2+ minutes twice during my walk.  It felt really good!  I did both of the running jaunts during the first 30 minutes of my 60 minute walk.  I tried to do another running bout later in the walk, but by that time my hips felt too tight, so I stopped.  Still, 4 minutes of running!  I’m going to cautiously try putting a few more small running bits into my walks to see how my hip holds up, but it really depends.  I definitely want to ease into it and I definitely will back the heck off if I notice any pain or discomfort or tightening.  Woohoo!

That little bit of running totally made my morning.  Whereas earlier this week when I tried running it felt clumsy and awkward and tight and off, these two runs felt fluid and smooth and almost normal.  Joy!

At some point today I really really really need to go grocery shopping.  I haven’t been in over a week and we no longer have any fruit in the house.  Or much of anything really.  Whoopsie…

What’s on your to-do list for today?


2 thoughts on “block walk

  1. Yea for you on the good walk and feel-good run! I hope your hip continues to feel healthy!

    Your title “block walk” made me think of a silly thing I did for running last month. Scott was out of town for a long time (almost a week), and when this happens I have a much harder time fitting in my workouts. Most days I go out at 5:30 for an hour or more before the kids wake up (Scott is at home, usually sleeping). Obviously I can’t do that when he is out of town, so I decided to try an experiment with the kids. It was a Saturday morning and they were in their normal routine of watching shows, playing on the computer (i.e., vegging mindlessly) before we started our day. I put on my running gear and told them I was going to run up and down the block and gave them specific instructions not to answer the door, go anywhere, etc. I had never left them in the house alone before without Scott present (often when they are awake he is sleeping, but still he is there). I told them if they needed me or if there was an emergency they could go out to the front yard and shout for me and I would come back. So I made it up and down the block (maybe a little more than a half a mile?) and popped my head back in to see if they were OK. The kids were so engrossed in their activities they had forgotten that I left. So I went back out and did two block “laps” and stuck my head back in the house. Still zoned in front of the TV, barely looked up to say hello. So I felt like they were pretty secure, so I went back out and ran for 20 more minutes. It was a short workout, but still I got to run in the morning and get a small runner’s high before the start to a full-on solo parenting day. I repeated the same thing Sunday afternoon and in this way got two short workouts in on a weekend where I thought I wouldn’t have the chance to do any.

    I did feel some sense of foolishness, as in I wonder if any neighbors are looking out their window wondering why Wendy just ran up and down the block ten times, but I really didn’t care all that much. Block running!

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