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So lately I’ve been doing something weird, and something pretty counter-intuitive.  I’ve been smearing oil on my face.

Say what?

I’ve been using coconut oil on my face and I swear, my skin hasn’t looked this good in a long time, especially with crazy pregnancy hormones.

I first started putting coconut oil on my nose, at Dave’s suggestion (he’d heard from a friend that coconut oil was great for skin).  I had this small spot on the side of my nose that wouldn’t heal – every time it started to heal it would get red and raw again from blowing my nose.  I tried to be careful, but it was in a spot that made it hard to avoid, so it just lingered.  For weeks (like over a month).  I started putting coconut oil on it 3 weeks ago and have noticed a HUGE improvement!  It’s actually HEALING and isn’t red and bleeding anymore.  Hooray!  (If you look at the picture of me in this post you can see it on the side of my nose.  Still there, but now just a bump.  I’m hoping the bump also goes away…)

But I’ve also started putting coconut oil on my zits.  I generally only get zits on my chin.  Pre-pregnancy I didn’t get zits that often, but during pregnancy I’ve had more of them.  They seem to come in waves – one week I’ll get 3, then the next week nothing, then the next week another flare-up.  I put coconut oil on the zits and they went away REALLY fast… and so far haven’t come back!  Whenever I have a sore or red spot I’ll just dab a little coconut oil on it and it never amounts to anything.  The past 3 weeks I’ve been zit free!

We use Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (from  It’s a little pricey, but if you’re just using it for your face, it’s going to last a looooong time.  I don’t rub it all over my face, but dab it on spots where needed.

I don’t know this for sure, but if you’re going to try this, I’d definitely recommend erring on the side of extra virgin oil, as it’s processed less.  Non virgin oil might not work as well, or might have the opposite effect.  I don’t know.

Anyhow, we’ve been really happy with the coconut oil (Dave has used it, too, and noticed better skin) and wanted to share the love!  I’ve also put coconut oil on a blister on the back of my heel and it seemed like it healed up a lot faster.  Bonus: it smells like the beach.

Have you tried coconut oil on your skin?

Someone found my blog yesterday by searching for “crankypants”  I find that awesome.  Welcome!  I’ll try to keep the crankypants to a minimum.


6 thoughts on “coconut oil

  1. you might also be able to rub it on your belly to prevent stretch marks. I used cocoa butter and never got any, this might work also!

  2. I’ve actually started washing my face with oil. I read up on it and decided to give it a shot. It’s not coconut oil it’s a mix of sunflower and caster oil, but so far it’s been pretty good. I think I’ll try coconut oil on the occasional zit and see what happens. Thanks!

  3. LOVE cocOnut oil. I made a homemade diaper rash cream (coconut oil/Shea butter/arrowroot powder) which absolutely does wonders- well…I put it on the hot spots (that want to be rash) and the hotspur is all cleared up in the morning.

    And – post pregnancy-early nursing days – I had fancy lotion that had cocnut oil in it- that was the only thing that helped the INSANE dry skin from my crazy hormones.

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