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Dave and I had our first birth class last night.  It was supposed to go 6-9 but ended up going short – we were home even before 8pm.  Fine by us!  Just means we can party get to bed on time like old people.

The class itself didn’t feel very revelatory… we talked about relaxation techniques for labor, how the body changes with pregnancy, etc.  Nothing very surprising there.

Dave took pictures with his iphone while I nudged him and shot him “don’t!” looks, even though he was perfectly discreet about it.  This is my “you’re being a stinker but I’m not mad but you should stop” face.  Something I’m sure our son will know well, too.

I get really awkward and weird in groups where I don’t know anyone.  Normally I’m super social and friendly, but when I’m with strangers I get really quiet and withdrawn and just want to be unnoticed.  Then as soon as the initial ice is broken with that person (or people) I’m chatty kathy and their best friend in the world and totally would share anything.  I like to live in extremes.

What are you like in a group of strangers?  Are you really comfortable and talk easily?  Or do you “go dark” like me?


5 thoughts on “birth class

  1. I’m quiet too. Big groups are never fun and it’s even worse if no one is talking. I always feel I am just awkward 🙂

  2. I’m kind of a mixed bag and slightly opposite of you (weird). If it’s a one time thing and I know I’ll never see these people again, I usually become more extroverted than my introverted self. I feel quite fine and lively taking the lead in meeting people and talking with them in a lively fashion (though the effort does usually exhaust me by the end of the night). But that has to happen when spouse is not present with me. If he’s there, then I hang back and let him take the lead in meeting people (which he hates doing). If it’s a large group that I’m only vaguely acquainted with and know that I’ll be seeing them again off and on throughout my life, then I tend to hang back most times. Kind of weird.

  3. I think most people get quiet when in a new group or setting. I think I normally am unless I have something in common, like a running group

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