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4 year date night

The winner of the reader recipe poll is peanut butter honey granola bars!  Recipe and review Friday morning!

I’m really late posting about this, but better late than never!

Last Thursday Dave and I celebrated 4 years since we first met and became friends!  We first went to dinner at Papa Vino’s, one of our favorite restaurants.  I loooove their bread and dipping oil and herbs.

After dinner we swung by Motherhood Maternity in the mall so I could pick up some nursing tank tops for post-baby.  I also found a cute sundress on sale, so we grabbed that, too.  After Motherhood we went to Old Navy – I had won a coupon for a free pair of activewear pants on Kimberly’s blog and needed to cash it in before June 9.  I ended up getting the compression capris, which I can’t find on the website now to save my life.  They’re black with a blue stripe and they’re fitted.  I love them.  I only have one pair of running capris and they’re loose and kind of dumpy.  I like these much much more!  (Although I’m not sure how “compression” they really are since they pull on the same as any other spandex pants.)  I wore them this morning on a walk and they were great, except it was already hecka hot and I was wishing for shorts.  Or pantslessness.

Dave and I also modeled summer hats in Old Navy:

Needless to say, we did not buy.  Although Dave looks ready for a winter home in Florida, plaid shorts, and white socks hiked up, don’t you think?

On the way home Dave offered me ice cream but – would you believe it – I turned him down!  I was so full I just couldn’t imagine ice cream fitting in.  (I was right, too, because I later was up half the night with another bout of insomnia – I’m pretty sure it was also indigestion.  Lesson learned.)

When we got home we even let Mosie in on the celebration – we gave her a little tuna!

She was in loooove.

Agitated kitty.

So grateful for four years with my best friend!

What makes a restaurant for you?  Really good, free bread before your meal makes me a happy girl.  Also, good customer service is key.  I don’t go back to places that are rude or indifferent.


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  1. Happy four years to your and your hubby :)! I always go back to restaurants with good food and good service. Nothing is worse than going out for a nice meal and the wait staff is nasty or rude. I used to be a server and never wanted anyone to have a bad experience. My other big pet peeve is having to ask for water, they should never happen!

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