baby shower 2!

On Saturday I was lucky enough to have another baby shower!  This one was for friends from college… plus sister-in-laws who were in town and my aunt who wasn’t able to come last weekend.  Unfortunately, I was pretty lazy about my camera and forgot to take a picture of the food table or get a group shower shot or even get pictures with the hostesses (who were amazing).  Fail.  At the very end I tried to take a picture with Richele (one of the hostesses) and dropped the camera on the dining room floor.  It wedged the lens at an awkward angle and rendered the camera useless.  Luckily, Dave came home and was able to fix it no problem.  I thought we’d be adding “new camera” to our list of pre-baby supplies to buy.

Anyhow, the food of the party was delicious and included:

  • lemon poppyseed mini muffins
  • blueberry mini muffins
  • fruit and yogurt cups
  • raspberry white chocolate scones
  • mocha punch
  • assorted peanut butter chocolate candies

Yum.  That punch is really delicious – some sort of chocolate coffee base and then vanilla and chocolate ice cream floating in it.  Fantastic.

There were also little flags stuck in the food with specific areas of prayer for Dave and I – over our finances, our marriage, our work schedules, my body image, labor and delivery, etc.  I loved it!  And guests were asked to take the flags home with them as a reminder of things they can pray for us for.

A couple party shots:

Lydia (my niece) was excellent at helping me unwrap presents.  She was really interested in the Baby Einstein DVDs and kept saying, “Lydia wants.  Lydia’s videos?”  Super cute.

The other baby girl star of the show – little Mylin, who turns 1 at the end of this month!

Great quilt from my Aunt Penny!

Does this bag make me look pregnant?

It was so fun to just be together and to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile!  I loved it.  As I was organizing stuff yesterday I realized that baby showers (and wedding showers) aren’t just “for fun” – although they really are fun! – but also because we really couldn’t be prepared for baby without the help of friends and family.  It would be such an overwhelming and daunting task to figure out what we need and to buy it all… but with the support of friends and family it becomes a manageable and JOYFUL thing, full of celebration and expectation and excitement.  I’m so grateful for our friends and family and how they’ve supported us so generously and lovingly!

On Sunday Dave and his dad finished painting the baby room!  We’ll have pictures of it once the tape is pulled off and it’s cleaned up.  So exciting to have it done!  Now we just have a bunch of assembly to do from IKEA and then the room will be together!

Sadly, it’s already Monday (I want more weekend).  I started off the morning with a 5 mile walk.  No hip problems!  Hooray!  And I have weekend fries in the oven for lunch.  Yep, I’m bringing that party to Monday.  You should, too.

What was the best part of your weekend?  Of your Monday so far?


3 thoughts on “baby shower 2!

  1. The flag idea is so neat! And I cannot wait to see pics of the room. I love that Dave fixed the camera. Steven fixes everything for me. Don’t you love being married? Hee hee. You just always know you have your partner there to help you with the things you can’t figure out on your own (or that you break).

    The best part of my weekend was the time I got to spend with friends – I ran with one on Friday night and one on Sunday morning. Guilty pleasure!

    Happy to hear your hip is feeling better!

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