get in my belly

I seem to be having trouble sleeping this week.  On Monday night I woke up at 2:30am and never fell back asleep.  Wednesday I was up between 1am and 3:30am, and last night I only slept from 11:30pm to 2:30am.  Um, not cool.  In general, I’m not physically uncomfortable (last night my dinner wasn’t sitting well with me, so I kind of was) and I’m not worrying about things.  I’m just awake.  For no reason.  Generally I get up and read and then try to sleep again, but sometimes it doesn’t work.  Last night I read and then tried to go back to bed, but never fell asleep.  So instead I drew up lists in my head of things in the house I could clean.  At 5am I attacked the kitchen and scrubbed down the external front of every surface in there – every cupboard door, drawer front, the top and front of the oven, the fridge doors, the walls behind the counters and sink.  I even took a toothpick and cleaned out the crevice between the counter and the oven.  After that, I went for a 4.5 mile walk to try to tire myself out.  It worked pretty well – I spent the morning resting on the couch, reading and sleeping.

So in order to make my day a little better, I’m recreating lunch from Wednesday.  Trust me, you’ll want to get in on this.

Save a little of the pesto from the amazing incredible kale tomato pesto pizza.  We’re about to make one phenomenal sandwich.

Spinach, tomato, egg, pesto, smoked gouda panini.  In other words: heaven.

I did the egg over hard in a skillet while I prepped the sandwich: pesto on both pieces of bread (for optimal pesto-ing), then gouda, spinach, and thinly sliced roma tomatoes.  Once the egg was cooked I slid it on top and placed the whole thing on the George Foreman grill for 3-5 minutes, until the bread was toasty.

The whole experience was over far too quickly.  But we do still have some pesto leftover…  and I’m pretty sure this sandwich is good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


8 thoughts on “get in my belly

  1. My hubz makes sandwiches on the foreman all the time!

    I am not preggo but the first thing I was going to suggest in regards to your sleep is that it can be a sign of needing more activity/exercise. When you exercise it seems to help with sleep. It sounds like your walk helped!

    1. Hey Holly, I definitely think you can be right. In this case I think it’s more pregnancy hormones than anything – my doctor said it’s a pretty typical thing. But walking can’t hurt, for sure!

      1. I have a friend who, in her third trimester, totally had that same thing: her quirk was cleaning the coffeemaker with Q-tips! 😉

  2. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get too much better after baby. You stay up b/c no point in going to bed before their last feeding. Then you want a minute to yourself so you stay up a little later. Then you realize things need cleaned to a better standard. So then you realize it’s time to get to sleep and what do you know baby is awake again and ready to eat!

    3 years later Ryan is still trying to get me to go to bed earlier. I like my alone time in the evenings. Last night I cleaned my oven and stove. I q-tipped around my flat top stove. Did vacation planning and finally felt accomplished when I made it to bed about 1:30!

  3. sorry for the insomnia…no fun. maybe you can find a reeeeallly boring book to read at night?

    and pesto + eggs sounds like a winning combo in my book!

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