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mosie’s big adventure

On Monday Dave and I actually took Mosie outside!  Mosie never goes outside.  Even though we found her living in the wild, since then she’s become quite the domesticated scaredy-cat kitty.  Monday it was so nice outside that we decided to see how Mosie would take being outside.

She loved it!  Her little nose was working overtime to take in all the smells and she didn’t know where to look first – the cars passing, the leaves blowing in the wind, the birds hopping.  So many smells, sights, and sounds!  We thought Mosie might freak out and try to run away, but she really was just curious.  Toward the end I think she even wanted to get down and start exploring!

Unfortunately for Mosie, that’s as much outside-adventure as she’ll ever get.  We don’t want to let her outside very much because of fleas and other diseases.  We love her as our inside kitty!

If we did take Mosie outside, I’d definitely want to try putting her on a leash!  I think she’d hate it, but it would be funny. My friend Kim puts her cat, Data, on a leash!  I think that’s awesome.

On Sunday it was in the 80s, so sitting outside felt great.  Today it just reached 60!  Welcome to crazy Indiana…

I’m hoping to go for a walk on my lunch break.  My hip feels a little sore from yesterday, so I’ll probably do a shorter walk.  Still, I want to get back in the habit of exercising after my long hiatus!

What’s the longest you’ve taken off of exercising – for an injury or just because?  Prior to 2009 I would go through spurts – get into running/working out for a few months, then completely fall off and do nothing for months.  Then cycle through it again.  Since 2009 I’ve really managed to stay consistent – taking time off when I need to for rest or rebuilding, but staying in a good, healthy pattern.  I want to maintain that pattern!


6 thoughts on “mosie’s big adventure

  1. I love the Mosie adventure. I did this with Quincy a few weeks ago, but he couldn’t handle it. He freaked and I had to put him back inside. As a kid, we tried the leash on our indoor cat, and wow. Funniest thing ever! He hated it, kept rolling around trying to get it off. Needless to say, we never actually got to take him for a walk or anything.

    I’m glad walking is going okay for you. This year has officially been my worst exercising year ever. It’s been really hard and depressing. The mystery injury I sustained caused back, hip, leg and nerve pain and just now am I able to do anything more than walk very slowly. The chiro I’m seeing has released me to the elliptical, and I’m thrilled. But I’m still cautious. I don’t want to regress at all, but am feeling like I’m on an upswing. I stopped exercising in December after 4 months of extreme pain. So, it was something like 5 months off. I feel gross and can’t wait to get moving again and lose some of the weight I’ve put on.

  2. Only 60 degrees. It’s 90 and it’s suppose to get up to 102 today. That’s hot. South Georgia is crazy hot during July and August but never like this during the beginning of June. I’m a little nervous to see how the rest of summer is going to be.

  3. Hey Kim!
    That’s so exciting that you’re due in August too. What’s your due date? Mine is the 31st. Time is flying and before we know it we’ll be holding our little bundles:) I can’t wait!

  4. Aww! Mosie’s Big Adventure should be a book! (It sounds like a book title anyway!) I love the look in her eyes. Hee hee. Thanks for the shout out!

    I have been as consistent as possible with running since summer/fall of 2008, but have had to take a month or two off here and there due to injury. I hate it. I hope you can keep up with your exercise! 🙂

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