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My May running started out great!  Through April and the first week of May I felt really strong while I was running.  I had a lot of energy and was able to do some longer runs.  I even ran the Indy mini marathon… and then my running went kaput.  Post half-marathon my hip started giving me a lot of problems.  I took 3 weeks of total rest – no running or walking for exercise.  I tried running again, but it was no-go.  Clearly my hip was not ready!  So May ended, sadly, without any more running.

May run total: 24.75 miles

Over the past week I’ve gone for a couple walks – 20 or 30 minutes – and found that my hip can handle walking really well.  Around the house my hip generally feels 95-100%, depending on what I’m doing.  When I’m walking, it drops to about 90%, but it’s not pain, just soreness.  And post-walking my hip goes back to 95 or 100% pretty quickly.  Therefore, walking has become my exercise of choice, at least for now!

Dave passed me walking while he was out running this morning!

(Shirt from – it’s super comfortable!)  It was a beautiful morning and I’m looking forward to more quiet morning walks!  I did 3.3 miles this morning, but would have gone longer if I’d had time.  Tomorrow!

What’s your favorite time of day?  Although waking up can be heard, early mornings are my favorite – the quiet, the gentle way the day starts, the way the air smells new and fresh.


7 thoughts on “may running

  1. My favorite time of the day is morning too! Bummer about your hip but way to keep it up with the walking. Happy National Running/Walking Day 🙂

  2. Early mornings right as the sun is coming up. The way everything is waking up and how cool the morning feels is why I love the early morning. I’m out the door around 6:10 most mornings, nowadays.

  3. i agree with you…mornings are the best.
    when i wake up late, i feel like half the day has gone by without me!

  4. I run anytime I can fit it in. Sometimes in the morning but during the week it happens around 8pm after work. So late and makes for a tired me by 10pm. Your running skirt is so cute, I think I need to order me some 🙂

  5. I am happy you are embracing walking! And you look so cute! I love early morning too – especially in the summer! I cannot believe how early the sun rises now.

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