memorial day and 28 weeks!

Our Memorial Day weekend turned out pretty productive, even though it felt laid-back!

On my end I:

  • wrote all my thank you notes from the shower this weekend (more on that to come!)
  • made a barley salad to take to the cookout (recipe to come later this week)
  • made nutella brownies (yummmm!)
  • taped part of the baby room so Dave could paint
  • sweepered the downstairs
  • made yogurt
And Dave:
  • finished taping the baby room
  • assembled painting supplies
  • finished sanding, filling in holes, etc.
  • figured out an electrical problem
Together we:
  • took a walk
  • sat on the porch swing
  • went to a family cookout!
  • watched part of a movie
Yesterday was also 28 weeks!  We are now officially through the 1st and 2nd trimesters!  12 weeks to go… that seems crazy!


What did you do for Memorial Day?

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7 thoughts on “memorial day and 28 weeks!

  1. i love you! you are so pretty 🙂
    we took a walk to a park, rearranged 2 of the bedrooms, had a pool party with bailey towne (a glorified outdoor bath!) finished watching dispicable me and went to a cookout at lacey lambert’s parents – a great day!!!!!!

  2. That’s a productive Memorial Day weekend! I went to two bbqs, ran two races and went to see Bridesmaids. Such a funny movie 🙂

  3. yum! those brownies look awesome! 🙂 yesterday, i watched an 80’s movie – “teen wolf” w/ michael j. fox – and went to the chief. i can’t wait for the barley salad recipe! 🙂

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