baby shower weekend, part 1

Winner of the reader recipe poll is pesto, kale, tomato pizza!  Recipe and review Friday morning.

Friday at 1pm Dave and I took off for Cleveland.  The drive out was pretty uneventful – I napped a little, we talked, and we read part of the book Becoming Vegan – neither of us are becoming vegan, but the book has awesome information on nutrition and diet, how to meet your body’s needs, etc.  I’d skim-read it before (last year, when I first started becoming mostly vegetarian), but Dave hadn’t, so we looked at parts of it together.

We arrived in Lakewood and had dinner with Rachel and her fiance, Nick and got to catch up with them.  We also got some amazing ice cream (chocolate peanut butter cup, of course!).  It was awesome.  Then Saturday morning we got up and headed down south of Cleveland, to my brother’s house.  Saturday was pretty low-key – for awhile we sat and talked on the back deck while we had lunch.  My niece, Lizzie entertained us with stories and dances.

Mom and my sisters and I made a trip out for baby shower groceries and then all the family went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant.  And afterwards, more amazing ice cream:

Dave and I split chocolate peanut butter brownie and chocolate peanut butter pretzel.  Both were so dang good.  It was hard ice cream but had a softer consistency.  Amazing.  Little Clare definitely enjoyed it, too:

Blowing kisses with Aunt Jill!  (Jilly, that second picture of you is so great!)

Then Sunday morning was baby shower day!  Rachel and I had sad goodbyes and pictures together:

Rachel really wanted to do the hands-make-a-heart-on-the-pregnant-belly pic.  And we headed back down south for the baby shower… more on that to come!

Are you a fruit or chocolate ice cream person?  Fruit (especially raspberry) always sounds good to me, but 99% of the time chocolate wins out.


8 thoughts on “baby shower weekend, part 1

  1. and you swore you would never do the heart hands on your belly!
    at least your face shows what you really think of it…

  2. Just to clarify my mouth is only open in the second pic because clare was blowing kisses and I was making the *mwah* noise/sound effect to go with it. 🙂

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