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the shortest run ever

I ran today!  For the first time in 3 weeks I went running!

It lasted 2 minutes and 38 seconds.

I started out feeling pretty good.  Definitely a little different – 3 weeks is a lot of time for both me and baby to grow! – but good.  A couple blocks in I could feel my hip a little bit – not pain, but I could feel it.  So I thought maybe I would try running and walking together, to help it ease back into running.  So I walked a little, maybe 15 seconds.  Then I started to run again.  I instantly noticed my hip felt noticeably more stiff and more sore than it had before I started running.  So I stopped, turned around, and walked home.  I could have pushed the run, but I’m really not interested in returning my hip to its constantly-in-pain stage.  Post-run my hip is definitely more sore than it was before I ran, but not terrible either.  So, at least for now, running is still off the table.

Surprisingly, I’m not really upset.  I had a really good 5.5 months of pregnant running – which were probably the most important months for me to continue being as active as possible – and I know that running will still be there for me post-baby, too.  It’s not like I’m losing it forever!  And who knows, maybe I’ll still have a few more pregnant runs in me before the baby comes, if my hip heals up!

The past 3 weeks I’ve given my hip total rest, which is exactly what it needed and what was right.  I don’t want to continue in that though, because inactivity isn’t healthy for me or the baby.  I’m hopeful that I can start doing some small walks and gradually build those up as my hip continues to improve (I’d say my hip is at about 90-95% right now).  I’m going for a walk with a friend today at lunch, so I can test this out for the first time.  I plan on keeping the walk short – about 20 minutes – and seeing how I feel afterwards.  If it’s good, I’ll walk 20 minutes or so tomorrow, maybe 30 another day, etc.  The goal is just to make sure I’m getting some activity every day.  I should also start doing some light weight lifting at home.  I say “should” because I’m really bad at following through on weight lifting (*cough*30 day strength challenge that I never really completed *cough*).  We’ll see.  I know Kimberly does a great job of working in weight lifting, so maybe she can give me some tips!

Random question of the day: what’s your favorite breakfast?  We had scrambled eggs and blueberry baked oatmeal with homemade yogurt this morning.  It was awesome.

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9 thoughts on “the shortest run ever

  1. Maybe we should have a gun show in September?! Ha! I’m such a nerd. I think strength training is a good plan – just a set of dumbbells and you are good. For a while, I would just follow Jillian Michaels workouts, skipping some of the preggo-prohibited moves. And walking is good, too! I hope your hip feels better soon.

  2. I know it’s so frustrating having an injury, pregnant or not. I think it’s awesome you ran for this long! Any activity is good activity. 🙂

  3. Injuries can be so frustrating. It’s good you listen to your body though. You are so right, running will be there after the baby is born..greeting with open sweaty arms 🙂

  4. Do you ever do yoga? It was a good workout for me when I was pregnant and kept me from getting too stiff and uncomfortable. I think it would be good for your hips to get a good stretch too.

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